White Star Quarry 4/13/08

It seemed like a good idea at the time. I’ve been anxious to get back into the water and get this dive season going. I did a brief dive at White Star Quarry 3/31 and decided to go back Sunday April 13. I was going to dive with my friends and frequent dive partners Marshall and Renee Allan. Besides just shaking the dust off out dive gear, Renee was trying out some new dive gear (new doubles, backplate and wings). I was field testing a Pinnacle Evolution drysuit. Despite the fact that it’s the middle of April, Sunday morning brought us a rain/snow mix with a temp of 35 degrees F. There were a handful of divers at the quarry and quite a few fishermen. Visibility was only marginal; about 20 feet. Water temp was 42 degrees F. We had a nice 45 minute dive. Everything went well, but I could sure tell that I haven’t been diving a lot lately and need a few more practice dives to get back in the groove. I was nice and toasty until we got out and I changed back into street clothes after the dive. I’m looking forward to more diving, and hopefully warmer weather. Here’s more info about White Star Quarry in case you’re not familiar with it.

2 thoughts on “White Star Quarry 4/13/08

  1. I sure hope the weather’s better when we meet up at White Star for Intro to Tech the end of May! The weather was crazy in Central Indiana as well last Sunday.Thanks for the post and looking forward to following your Blog!

  2. Oh it’ll be downright balmy by the end of May, have faith! Thanks for the comment. I’m hoping the blog takes off and it becomes an interactive part of my web site.

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