I organize wreck diving trips to the best destinations the Great Lakes has to offer. I have run trips to such legendary wrecks as the Gunilda, Daniel J Morrell, Dunderberg, Cornelia B Windiate, and many others.

The primary purpose for running trips is to teach courses. For students enrolled in one of my courses, these trips offer an exciting and realistic way to complete the course dives. I offer the additional spaces on the boat to past students, friends, and other qualified divers. Most charter boats only accommodate 6 divers. By the time I reserve spaces for myself and a couple students, there are only a few spaces left.These spots fill very quickly.

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Lake Erie June 12-13, 2021

Our first trip of the season takes us to eastern Lake Erie, off Barcelona, NY. We will be diving with Osprey Charters on the spacious and comfortable Southwind. Our target wrecks are the John J Boland and the George Whelan. Both are steel freighters that foundered during storms. The Boland went down in October 1932 not far off Barcelona. She was heading to Hamilton, Ontario when she encoutered a storm. She was so overloaded that her hatch covers wouldn't close, allowing water to enter the holds. As she took on water, the captain turned her south and tried to make it to shore. Unfortunately, her steering went out and she got got caught in the trough of the waves, eventually capsizing. She now rests in 140'. The Whelan sank in July 1930. She was bound for Tonawonda, NY with a cargo of limestone when a storm blew up. Her cargo shifted, causing a severe list, thus sealing her fate. As the crew tried to redistribute the cargo, she rolled over and sank. The Whelan is in 150' of water.

Charter fee is $300 per person (2 days of diving).  Depths will range from 140'-150'. Adv. Nitrox/Deco Procedures certification required.

Shipwreck Kyle Spangler

Presque Isle, MI July 17-21, 2021

One of the best wreck diving destinations in Great Lakes is a small area of Lake Huron off Presque Isle, MI, just north of Alpena.  This area is home to a fabulous collection of shipwrecks, most notably upright, intact wooden schooners like the Kyle Spangler, Cornelia B. Windiate, Typo, Defiance and Audubon.  If that's not enough to convince you, there is also the Florida, a 300-foot long wooden steamer and the Norman, a 300-foot steel steamer.

Charter fee is $925 per person (5 days of diving). The depth of wrecks is 170' to 200'  Trimix Diver certification required.

Shipwreck Vienna

Whitefish Point August 2-6, 2021

Lake Superior is home to some of the most pristine wrecks in the world. That's because zebra and quagga mussels have not been able to flourish in Lake Superior as they have in the lower lakes. That means you can still see bare wood with paint still visible. You can read the ship's name painted on the transom. This trip will focus on some of the deeper wrecks in the area such as the Zillah, Comet, and Superior City. Other possible wrecks include the Vienna, Samuel Mather, John Osborn and John B. Cowle.

Charter fee is $925 (5 days of diving) per person. The depth of wrecks is 200' to 250'.  Advanced Trimix Diver certification required.

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