Trimix Diver

engine telegraph on shipwreck gunilda during trimix diveTrimix is a breathing gas that contains oxygen, nitrogen, and helium. The main benefit of adding helium to the breathing gas is the reduction of nitrogen narcosis.  Helium has virtually no narcotic effect when breathed under pressure. So replacing some of the nitrogen in our breathing gas with helium allows a diver to maintain a clear head, even at considerable depth. Imagine diving to 200’ but “feeling” like it’s only 100’!

The Trimix Diver course provides the training required to competently and safely utilize breathing gasses containing helium for dives to a maximum depth of 200'. You will also benefit from using nitrox and/or oxygen during decompression. This allows you to optimize your ascent schedule.  Gas mixes will not have any less than 18% oxygen.

This course requires an initial training weekend to cover classroom topics and quarry dives.  Upon successful completion, we will schedule the course completion dives. Since these are deeper dives that require trimix, we will conduct the dives during a Great Lakes charter. I schedule several trips per summer. Therefore you have a choice in when and where to complete your course dives.

At a Glance

4 decompression dives

5 days