Trimix Diver Course/Presque Isle Charter Package

This year, I’m offering an incredible package deal on the TDI Trimix Diver course with a 4 day wreck diving charter included. The normal cost of the TDI Trimix Diver course is $900. The cost of the Lake Huron wreck diving charter is $600, for a total of $1500. I have two spaces available on this charter and will offer the course AND charter for $1000, saving you $500!

The charter is in Lake Huron near Presque Isle, MI July 22-25, 2010. This area features some of the best wrecks in Lake Huron; ships like the Windiate, Kyle Spangler and S.S. Florida. Go back a few entries in this blog and read the trip report from 2009. We’re going back this July to explore these fantastic wrecks some more.

The TDI Trimix Diver course introduces you to helium-based breathing mixtures. We all know that nitrogen is the “bad guy,” causing narcosis at depth and messing with our heads. By using replacing nitrogen with non-narcotic helium, we greatly reduce the effects of narcosis. The course will use breathing gasses with a minimum of 18% oxygen to a maximum depth of 200 fsw. The course consists of classroom training, quarry dives, and finally course completion dives in the Great Lakes.

Potential students must meet course prerequisites and be able to complete the classroom and quarry dives prior to the July 22-25 charter. There are only two spots available at this price. $350 deposit required with another $300 due by May 15. Balance is due at the first class meeting. Other rules/limits apply. Contact me for full details. Rick@GreatLakesTechDiving.com