Rick Kruzel

scuba tec diving rick kruzelWelcome to the world of tec diving!  Let me tell you about my tec diving journey.  Perhaps it will strike a chord with you and you will relate.

I was scuba certified in the 1970's.  It was love at first dive.  I dove as often as possible and began helping local instructors with their courses and open water training dives.  Eventually, I became a scuba instructor myself and started teaching for a local dive center.  Rising quickly through the ranks, I earned instructor ratings for just about every scuba course that existed and reached the rating of Master Instructor.

I traveled quite a bit and visited all the big Caribbean dive destinations, some multiple times. But I also loved wreck diving in the Great Lakes.  There were no pretty fish, no coral reefs, no clear blue water.  But, there were pristine wrecks brimming with history, artifacts fascinating back stories.

By the 1990s, I started hearing about this new thing called tec diving.  It allowed you to learn proper techniques for decompression and mixed gas diving.  These techniques allowed you to go deeper and stay longer, which opened up a whole new set of wrecks to dive.  These wrecks had been rarely if ever, visited.  It was a wreck diver's dream.  So I began my tec diving career with Advanced Nitrox and Deco Procedures.  That lead to Trimix Diver, Advanced Trimix Diver and so on.

Tec diving became such a passion that I eventually got my instructor ratings so I could share the thrill and beauty of the Great Lakes with others.  I teach the full range of open circuit tec diving courses through Technical Diving International (TDI).

Please explore my website and learn about the courses I offer.  If you have questions, you may use the contact form or e-mail me at rick@greatlakestechdiving.com.


Rick Kruzel