Last Adv. Nitrox/Deco Course of the Summer!

The last Advanced Nitrox/Decompression Procedures course of the summer will begin August 23-24, 2008.

This initial weekend should cover the bulk of the academic study and several dives. Remaining meetings will be scheduled after completion of the weekend’s activities.

This course is the entry level technical course in the line-up of TDI courses. Graduates will be proficient divers capable of planning and executing simple staged decompression dives using nitrox and oxygen to optimize decompression obligation. This combination course consists of approximately 8 hours of classroom work, at least three skills dives and at least 3 “working” dives.

Prerequisites: Candidates for this course should have experience diving in the conditions in which the course is to be conducted (e.g. Great Lakes). They should have a fundamental grasp of buoyancy and trim, and be familiar with the gear they will be wearing for the course. An advanced certification from SDI or another recognized agency and basic nitrox certification is required. The majority of candidates for this class wear a backplate, wing and double cylinders, but a single large-volume tank fitted with two first stages is acceptable. For a full equipment list, please ask.

Course fee is $850 per person and includes all textbooks, handouts, cards (upon successful completion of course objectives), and the instructor’s time and expenses.

Please e-mail questions to rick@greatlakestechdiving.com.