July Advanced Nitrox/Deco Course Added

I’ve added another Advanced Nitrox/Decompression Procedures course for the summer. The course will begin July 17-18 at Gilboa Quarry near Findlay, OH. Course completion dives will take place Aug. 10-13 in the 1000 Islands (Rockport, ON).

This is the first technical diving course in the TDI course structure. In a nutshell, Advanced Nitrox covers the proper utilization of all nitrox mixtures up to and including 100% oxygen. The Decompression Procedures course covers procedures, techniques, planning and execution of dives requiring staged decompression to a maximum depth of 150 fsw. Equipment configuration is also covered, including the use of one decompression cylinder.

Contact me at 419-290-0014 or email rick@GreatLakesTechDiving.com for information. Also feel free to visit my website for more course descriptions, www.GreatLakesTechDiving.com.