Is It Fall Already?

Hard to believe fall is here and the dive season is winding down. I’ve been busy trying to get a few last charters in before the season ends.

Marshall Allan, Paul Wegert and I were able to get out on the Sylvia Anne with Capt. Gary Venet on Saturday (9/20/08). We departed Harbor Beach, MI for a dive on the Minnedosa, the largest sailing vessel built on the Candian side of the lakes. See my post from July 31 for more info on the “Minne.” The trip was originally scheduled for Sunday, but Gary called me on Thursday and said 5-6 foot waves were forecast for Sunday. He asked if we could dive Saturday instead, as the weather was supposed to be much better. So, we headed up on Saturday and enjoyed calm, sunny conditions.

I spent the previous weekend in Barcelona, NY diving Lake Erie with Osprey Charters. On Friday evening, we did a night dive on the John J Boland, a 250′ steel freighter laying on her side in 130′ of water. She’s a nice dive, but unfortunately the lake was in a bad mood that night. We were able to dive, but the waves were pretty annoying. On Saturday, we did two dives: the Dean Richmond and the Indiana. The lake conditions were much better than on Friday night. I enjoyed the dives and the cameraderie of fellow divers. Sunday morning the wind was up again and the dive was the Boland. Since I had done the Boland Friday night, I opted for a nice big breakfast and an early trip home.

I’m sorry to say that I think the charter season is about over. It’ll be quarry diving until next spring I think. But just because the weather is turning doesn’t mean you should forget about diving. If you’re interested in doing a course next year, let me know. We can start the book work and perhaps get a quarry dive or two in yet this year. Maybe most importantly, the earlier you sign up for class, the more dates you’ll have to choose from.