Gas Blending Course

My gas blending course is a combination of  two courses:  Nitrox Gas Blender and Advanced Gas Blender.  I believe that divers should be well informed about every aspect of the dive, including gas blending.  Even if you don't blend your own gas, you will benefit from knowing the process and understanding what your local dive store is doing "in the back."

I think it's especially important for technical divers to know how to blend gasses.  Have you ever noticed that ships don't sink near big cities with well-equipped dive stores that mix trimix?  Consequently, you either have to take all the gas you need with you on a trip or you have to do some gas blending on site.  While it's nice to take all of your gas with you, that's not always practical or possible.

In the Nitrox Gas Blender course, you'll learn the proper techniques, equipment requirements and hazards involved in blending nitrox gasses. The Advanced Gas Blender course picks up where you left off in Nitrox Gas Blender and covers blending helium-based mixes like trimix, heliox and heli-air.

I combine both courses into one comprehensive program that lasts two days. The course consists of individual study before we meet, and then classroom training and practical application when we do meet. You will blend multiple cylinders of various gas blends including nitrox and trimix.

At a Glance

One program combining two courses

2 days

no dives required