Another Great Weekend on Lake Huron

This weekend we were diving Lake Huron once again. I have to admit, diving the wrecks near Harbor Beach, MI from the Sylvia Anne is one of my favorite dive trips. Capt. Gary Venet is top notch (not to mention a helluva nice guy) and his boat is about the best I’ve ever dove from.

Marshall and Renee Allan, Eric Ward and I arrived Friday afternoon for a trip out to the Glenorchy, a 350′ steel freighter that sank due to collision. She’s upside down at a depth of 120′. The engine room can be penetrated by those properly trained and equipped, and is really the main reason to dive this wreck. Without penetration, all there is to see is a very large, steel hull.

Saturday and Sunday we dove the Dunderburg, one of the best wooden schooners in the Great Lakes. For the whole story and some outstanding pictures, check out Andy Morrison’s website here.

We had excellent weather and visibility all weekend. It was mostly sunny, with nice blue skies and temperatures in the 70’s. On the lake, the wind was light and favorable. I don’t think we ever had much more than a 1′ swell. Visibility averaged 50′ or more.

This trip also marked the maiden voyage of Marshall’s new dive trailer. He just bought a nice, new 8 x 10 enclosed trailer, allowing us to put four divers in his SUV and all the gear in the trailer. It worked out very well. We had plenty of room to haul everything we needed, plus it gave us a “base” to work out of at the marina to change out tanks etc. Thanks Marshall and Renee.

It was a very enjoyable weekend and everyone had good dives and came home safely.