Advanced Wreck Diver

wreck diving on mary alice b to see ships wheelThe Advanced Wreck Diver course deals specifically with wreck penetration.  As you may imagine, going inside a wreck can be very dangerous undertaking.  Therefore, it requires meticulous planning, gas management, risk assessment and disciplined execution.  You will learn about detailed dive planning, gas management, and the appropriate equipment to use.  The Advanced Wreck Diver course is a lot of fun and a great learning experience for divers ready to take their wreck diving to the next level.

Entering an overhead environment while scuba diving is serious business.  You will be challenged in this course.  Due to the nature of the course, it cannot be effectively taught in a quarry.  Therefore we may have to travel around the Great Lakes to dive a variety of shipwrecks.

At a Glance

6 overhead penetration dives

2 work-up dives at the quarry