Advanced Trimix Diver

ships wheel on trimix scuba diveAdvanced Trimix Diver is a highly personalized course intended to produce not just a competent diver, but one who is truly the best of the best.  I restrict class size so that course can be tailored to the divers’ individual needs.  If you are interested in participating in the course, use the button below to contact me.  I do not let just anyone enroll, even if you meet the minimum prerequisites set by TDI.  This is a complex course. Therefore you and I need to have a conversation to ensure the training will be productive. We may also schedule a dive so we can get acquainted a little before class.

The Advanced Trimix Diver course provides the training required to conduct dives to a maximum depth of 330'.  In order to reach such depths, gasses with a high helium content are required.  In addition, we must control our oxygen dose, so gasses may need to have a low oxygen content. While perfectly safe to breathe at depth, they may not contain enough oxygen to support life at the surface (hypoxic). Therefore a travel gas may be needed to breathe from the surface down to a depth where it is safe to breathe your bottom gas.  This is just one of the complex topics considered in the course.

Due to the depth required for the training dives, this course is usually conducted in conjunction with an expedition to some of the more remote areas of the Great Lakes.