Now Offering Closed Circuit Rebreather Training on the Hollis PRISM 2 CCR!

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The name says it all

Great Lakes Tech Diving. It’s what I do. It’s what I teach. The Great Lakes contain some of the best shipwrecks in the world. The water in the Great Lakes is fresh and cold, perfect for preserving shipwrecks rather than destroying them. You can visit wooden sailing ships that have been on the bottom for 100 years that are still intact with the masts still standing. Many of these wrecks are beyond sport diving limits and require training in decompression diving and mixed gas diving.

My name is Rick Kruzel and I offer technical diver training tailored for the Great Lakes environment.  If you want to dive the Great Lakes, your training should reflect that. I have been teaching technical diving courses for over 20 years in the Great Lakes. If you want to dive the deep wrecks of the Great Lakes, I can help you achieve it!

What I Offer

Technical Diver Training

I offer a wide variety of dive training through Technical Diving International (TDI).

  • PRISM 2 Air Diluent Diver (CCR)
  • PRISM 2 Air Diluent Decompression Diver (CCR)
  • PRISM 2 Helitrox Decompression Diver (CCR)
  • Advanced Nitrox Diver (Open Circuit)
  • Decompression Procedures (Open Circuit)
  • Helitrox Diver (Open Circuit)
  • Trimix Diver (Open Circuit)

Cylinder Maintenance Training

I teach several cylinder (don’t call them “tanks”) maintenance courses through Professional Scuba Inspectors-Professional Cylinder Inspectors (PSI-PCI). Classes are available to dive centers or individuals. PSI-PCI courses meet federal requirements for dive centers to provide staff with function-specific training.

  • Visual Cylinder Inspection
  • Valve Repair Technician
  • Oxygen Cylinder Cleaning Technician

Great Lakes Dive Trips

I also organize wreck diving trips to many areas around the Great Lakes.

  • Whitefish Point (Lake Superior)
  • Straits of Mackinac
  • Presque Isle, MI (Lake Huron)
  • Port Austin, MI (Lake Huron)
  • Sheybogan/Two Rivers/Sturgeon Bay, WI (Lake Michigan)
  • and more!

Upcoming Events

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