Upcoming Courses

Here are the next few classes I’ll be teaching. Click on the “More Upcoming Courses” button below to see my full calendar.

PSI Visual Cylinder InspectionDec. 4, 2021
PSI Valve Repair Technician/Oxygen Cylinder Cleaning TechnicianDec. 5, 2021
PSI Visual Cylinder InspectionJan. 15, 2022
PSI Valve Repair/Technician/Oxygen Cylinder Cleaning TechnicianJan. 16, 2022
PSI Visual Cylinder InspectionFeb. 19, 2022
PSI Valve Repair Technician/Oxygen Cylinder Cleaning TechnicianFeb. 20, 2022
TDI Nitrox Gas Blender/Advanced Gas BlenderMarch 19-20, 2022
TDI Trimix DiverMay 7-8, 2022
TDI Helitrox Deco Diver (session 1/2)May 13-15, 2022
TDI Helitrox Deco Diver (session 2/2)May 21-22, 2022



Here’s a calendar of all my upcoming events. Courses, trips, dive shows, everything in one place so you can find it.


Join us on our next diving adventure. I organize dive trips to some of the best shipwrecks in theĀ Great Lakes. I offer trips for both recreational divers and technical divers. Come see why I say the best wrecks in the world are right here in the Great Lakes.


I can guide you along the technical diving path beginning with Intro to Tech or Decompression Procedures all the way through Advanced Trimix Diver. Class size is small and schedules are flexible so I can tailor your course to meet your needs.


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