Helitrox Diver

ships wheel on gunilda taken on trimix diveEvery diver is familiar with nitrogen narcosis.  Under pressure, inert gasses like nitrogen interfere with the nervous system. This causes a number of problems for divers.  Narcosis is often described as a euphoric feeling. However, it can also manifest as paranoia, anxiety, nervousness, and difficulty concentrating.  But we can minimize narcosis by limiting the amount of nitrogen in our breathing gas. In order to do this, we add helium to our gas to reduce the nitrogen content. Such gas mixes are called "trimix." Helitrox is one type of trimix.

Helitrox Diver certification allows you to use a maximum of 20% helium in your breathing gas.  You can plan and conduct dives to a maximum depth of 150'.  This course is usually part of an Adv. Nitrox/Deco Procedures combination course.

At a Glance

Combination Adv. Nitrox, Deco and Helitrox

8 dives

5 days